• Ozcradles on car wheel

    Built to Tilt


Built to Tilt

Ozcradles Car Tilting

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Ozcradles makes it simple and safe

To complete:

Steel plate work

Repair mechanical parts such as suspension, shock absorbers, brakes

Change or repair exhaust systems

Weld, sand, grind, sandblast, prime/paint and body deadening

No need to be stuck UNDER a vehicle!


Great Investment!

I purchased a set of Ozcradles and literally had a car on it's side in 3 minutes. This will save me so much time and money on all those awkward panel repairs!


I'm very happy

I used Ozcradles for the first time turning a client's studerbaker to redo the undercarriage, worked so well and easy. l am a 1 man operating shop. l'm very happy.

Porkys Paint & Panels

Easy and stable!

I couldn’t believe how easy and stable it was to tilt the car!


Built to Tilt

Ozcradles - What every car workshop needs!