How to Tilt your Car with Ozcradles

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Ensure you have read and understand our Disclaimer found on our website.

Before commencing the operating procedure below, you will need to source the following items:

2 x Ozcradles

1 x Trolley Jack

1 x Engine Crane (the crane we have used in conjunction is the 2-Ton Hydraulic Engine Crane Fold-able Hoist Workshop Mobile Lifter Heavy Duty) 

2 x Round Straps (Slings) of 1.5m length (or a length suited to your vehicle)

  • Make sure vehicle shell is on a flat and stable surface with room for tilting.
  • Apply handbrake and steering lock with wheels positioned straight. Make sure tyres are pumped up to specified PSI 


  • Use a trolley jack to lift one wheel at a time.
  • Position Ozcradles centrally under and over each wheel (Up to 15 inch standard wheels/do not use your best mag wheels for tilting).

Ozcradles on tyres              Ozcradle in position

  • Move to the other side of car shell. Take the two slings and choke them around the spoke of each wheel. Then attach the other ends to the crane hook, making sure the slings are not tangled.

Slings for Ozcradles

  • Slide the crane into position and start the lift using the crane.

  • Once the tilt is complete the vehicle will be safely resting on the Ozcradles.

Ozcradles car Lift             Ozcardles Built to Tilt         Ozcradles Car cradles

  • To lower vehicle release the tension on the crane and repeat the tilting steps in reverse.



Important Safety Instructions
WARNING – Read all safety warnings and all instructions before use of the Ozcradle. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in serious injury, damage and/or death. 
The use of an Ozcradle has inherent dangers. To avoid risk of death, personal injury or property damage make sure you are fully aware of the operating instructions for this product before using it. Do not exceed the maximum lifting capacity of the Ozcradle, which is 2000kg This Ozcradle is intended for automotive use only. Be aware that large or heavy vehicles may exceed Ozcradle’s stated capacity.
Read all the instructions and warnings first before attempting to operate the Ozcradle.
  • Ensure you have read and understand our Disclaimers found on our website.
  • Do not operate the Ozcradle on surfaces that are not flat. The Ozcradle must only be used on hard, level surfaces.
  • You must use two Ozcradles and follow the instructions in this Instructions Manual, in order to correctly and safely tilt your vehicle.
  • Ensure you check the capacity of the engine crane that you use conjunction with the Ozcradle.
  • It's recommended to use an engine crane that has a hook with safety latch for added safety .
  • The Ozcradle is designed for tilting a standard car vehicle only. Please make sure the weight of your vehicle does not exceed round straps or engine crane capacity. Do not overload the Ozcradle beyond the maximum load capacity of a standard vehicle, which is approximately 2000kg
  • Check the weight capacity of your engine crane and round straps and ensure that the vehicle you are proposing to raise does not exceed this capacity.
  • Do not start the vehicle’s engine, or attempt to drive the vehicle with the Ozcradle in use.
  • Do not get under a vehicle as it is being raised using the Ozcradle.
  • A standard vehicle tilt will require 1.5m round straps but lengths may vary according to your particular car.
  • If you intend to tilt a vehicle with an engine, make sure the battery is removed and fluids are low. Tip the petrol neck at the top if petrol tank is to remain in while tilting the vehicle
  • Do not remove the round straps and the crane whilst working on the underside of vehicle.
  • Do not use the Ozcradle for any other purpose except the raising and lowering of a vehicle on its side. Never use the Ozcradle to raise any structure or building.
  • A block and tackle may be used instead of an engine crane. If doing so make sure there is enough head height and adequate beam support.
  • The Ozcradle should be used for maneuvering a vehicle only.
  • This Instructions Manual should be read, understood and consulted prior to using the Ozcradle.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about how to safely use the Ozcradle, you can email your query to and should await a response before proceeding. Any representations made to you in response to a query are for instructional purposes only and our Disclaimers will apply to the extent of the information provided.
  • If you are unsure about the specifications of the ancillary products which you are required to use in conjucntion with the Ozcradle (as detailed below), you should contact the manufacturer of those products to ensure they are suitable for the purpose for which they will be used.  

Personal Safety
  • Be present and alert while using the Ozcradle. Pay close attention to what you are doing while using the Ozcradle. Do not use the Ozcradle while tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication as doing so greatly increases the risk of injury to yourself or others and damage to property.
  • Ensure you wear non-skid safety shoes while using the Ozcradle.
Preparing Work Area
  • Before using the Ozcradle you must prepare the work area properly.
  • Clear obstructions from work area. Working in tight or cluttered work areas is dangerous.
  • Clear children and others from work area before moving or tilting the vehicle. Another adult should be nearby for extra safety and assistance but must be clear of vehicle as it is moved or tilted.
  • Conduct a pre-operational check of the Ozcradle. Thoroughly inspect the Ozcradle for damage or wear before each use.
  • Check if the Ozcradle is damaged or malfunctioning.