The Benefits of Ozcradles

Ozcradles are a car tilting device. Their engineered and patented design makes car restoration safer and easier.

Using a pair of Ozcradles means no more back breaking work under a vehicle body. They allows full access to the underside and top of a car shell.

Benefits include:

-Improved working position for your body

-Safe, no more using blocks as props or trying to balance your vehicle

-Easy and quick set up, no brackets or bolts to weld or tighten

-No more lying under a car in the dark with debris falling in your face

-Cheaper than all other lifting devices

-Space saving while in use and not in use, they stack easily on a shelf

Ozcradles safely tilts your vehicle

Ozcradles literally cradles your car on it's side, allowing you to work around the whole body of the car shell. Their unique and stable design means you no longer need to lie or crouch under a suspended vehicle.

Along with the aid of an engine hoist or block and tackle, the tilting process is safe and simple. No need to attach brackets or tighten bolts.

You can swiftly tilt your vehicle without having to find the center of gravity and less head height is needed than a rotisserie.  

Ozcradles will bring you closer to finishing your restoration project!


Ozcradles are Australian owned and manufactured and complies with Australian safety standards.

Ozcradles- Built to Tilt