What do I need to use with Ozcradles?

When using Ozcradles a engine hoist or block and tackle should be used. Along with two round slings. All equipment  need to be designed to take required weight of vehicle. Please read instruction manual for more details.

Can I tilt my car by myself?

Absolutely! Ozcradles are designed to be used by one person along with lifting equipment such as an engine hoist. 

What if I'm still unsure how to use Ozcradles?

If you are unclear on how Ozcradles works please check out our instructional video and other video resources either through our website or YouTube channel. If you're still not sure please email us at admin@ozcradles.com.au with any questions.

Do Ozcradles come with a warranty?

Yes Ozcradles are made in Australia with quality materials. They come with a lifetime warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. If you have any concerns please contact us by email. Please note the yellow powder coating on Ozcradles may scratch or chip while in use. The paint finish is not included in the warranty but will not effect the use of Ozcradles. For more info see 'terms and conditions' in menu.

 Is Ozcradles Australian owned and operated?

Yes Ozcradles is an Australian owned and operated family business. All products are manufactured in Melbourne from Australian steel. Keeping things local is very important to the Ozcradles team.

Why use Ozcradles rather than a car rotisserie?

There are many advantages to using Ozcradles over using a rotisserie. Tilting with  Ozcradles is quick and simple, the process takes minutes. There is no need to weld brackets to your car and try and balance the heavy vehicle. Less head height is needed than a typical rotisserie and they take up less space while in use. When you have finished your restoration project, there is no disassembly of Ozcradles. They can be stacked on a shelf until next time. Ozcradles are also considerably cheaper than buying a rotisserie.

Why use Ozcradles instead of a car hoist?

Ozcradles can be used alongside a car hoist in a busy workshop or garage, allowing more than one car to be worked on at a time. Ozcradles take up less room than a hoist and can be stacked away on a shelf when not in use. Ozcradles offers a better working position than a hoist. No more sore necks and debris in the face. Ozcradles are also a lot cheaper than a hoist.

Do Ozcradles meet safety standards?

Yes Ozcradles design complies with the following safety standards:  AS 3990:1993 Mechanical equipment – Steelwork - AS 4991:2004 Lifting devices - AS 1554.1:2011 Structural Steel Welding, Part 1:Welding of Steel Structures - AS/NZS 2538:2016 Vehicle Jack Stands. WLL/2000kg.

Will Ozcradles damage my hubs & bearings?

No, when your car is tilted the ‘static load’ will not damage hubs/bearings. The ‘dynamic load’ of driving over potholes can!

Will my car fall onto me?

No, Your vehicle is very stable when tilted with Ozcradles. Our instructions advise to leave slings and hoist attached. You can also tie up using slings. But this is only an extra safety measure.

Environmental sustainability and Ozcradles?

At Ozcradles we value the importance of lowering our impact on the environment. Ozcradles are designed to be used long term and should last a lifetime. Packaging is kept to a minimum and made from recycled cardboard and reused plastic. We try to use sustainable options where possible. Our courier service is 100% carbon neutral.